Hog Roast – Catering Considerations

What to consider when planning a Hog Roast or Spit Roast?

There are several stages involved in cooking a perfect Hog Roast. Here at Country Hog Roast I would say one of the main things to consider is planning.


Make sure you plan in advance to prevent any unnecessary problems and stresses that may arise. Remember you want to enjoy the event (wedding, Christmas event or party) and make it a success!

The role of the hog roaster is somewhat simple if you plan in advance. This is really confirming the four W’s and then asking yourself; The Big Question: which is What If?  But firstly let us confirm the Big Four W’s: When, Where, What and Who.

When: When is the event taking place? i.e. what date and time and also more importantly for the hog roaster, what time is the hog roast or spit roast going to be served?

Where: Where the event or function is going to take place? Also will the hog roast machine be used indoors or outdoors? Also letting your guests know, it’s no good wanting to show everyone that you are the best hog roaster in Yorkshire say. If no one is there too confirm your catering abilities.

What: What is happening at the event? –  Christmas party, New Year event, Christening, Wedding, birthday etc.

Who: Who is going to attend and numbers?

Then finally…….The Big What If, ask yourself the question: WHAT IF …………. hog roast?


What if it rains at the hog roast?  Use a suitable Gazebo.

What if there are any vegetarian’s coming to the hog roast? Must order a vegetarian option.

Finally, Country Hog Roast hope you find the above information useful and aids in your planning of the event.